All times are 8 pm unless stated otherwise noted




September 5- Artemis, Atorias, Pseudosilence, Lose Control, Occupy the Trees, Lost Dogs Unite


September 6- Bachelor Paradise, The Lost Cherries


September 11- #FILTH


September 12- Dead Leaf Echo, All About Rockets, Soft Science, Slowness


September 14- So Stressed, Never Young, What Fun Was Life, Dad?


September 17- Wilt, Hazzard's Cure, Battle Hag, Plague Widow


September 18- Johnny 5, Zephyr, Tzolkeen, Old Griff


September 19- Wolfhouse, Humble Wolf, Tell the Wolves


September 20- Soundz of Norcal presents: Attik Door, Fair Struggle, I Am Strikes, Stationary, Verbatim Dance


September 23- The Helm, Old Iron, Church