All times are 9 pm unless stated otherwise noted



July 25- YOB, Giant Squid & Will Haven


July 26- Cast the Clarity, Screwloose, Once an Empire, Clock Work Hero


July 27-  Oram, Power, Fighting Words


July 31- #FILTH


August 1- Snow White Smile, Zeroclient, Fair Struggle


August 2- Johnny Ray, Travis Jean, Andrew Castro & Travis Taylor


August 3- Primitive Man, Hexis, Plague Widow


August 8- Yo Dabba Dabba, Tzolkeen, Zephyr, Freakshow, Head Soar, Are They Brothers, Eyes Of The Sphinx


August 9- The Bad Decision with Flytraps For Supper


August 14- #FILTH


August 15- Betting On The Muse- A Tribute To Charles Bukowski