All times are 8 pm unless stated otherwise noted




August 21- Hang the Old Year, Competing, Practice, Solanum


August 22- Graveshadow, In the Silence, Valensorow, Dire Peril


August 23- Midtown Bashment, Live Local Bands & DJ's


August 25- Open Mic


August 27- Drive Thru Mystics, Jolly Drones, Soft Science


August 28- #FILTH


August 29- Wolfgang Vega & Old Screen Door, Denver J Band, Stevie Nader


August 30- Luke Scrat, Proper Steady Originals, Recorded Freedom, Scratch Outs


August 31- Dispirit, Abstracter, Church


September 5- Artemis, Atorias, Pseudosilence, Lose Control, Occupy the Trees, Lost Dogs Unite


September 6- Bachelor Paradise, The Lost Cherries


September 11- #FILTH


September 12- Dead Leaf Echo, All About Rockets, Soft Science, Slowness